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1957 Ford Parts

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November 16, 2017
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November 15, 2017

1957 Ford Parts

In 1964, I purchased my first car. I was fortunate enough to find a red and black 1957 Ford Sunliner for sale for an amount I could swing, so I purchased my first 57 in 1964. Since 1964, I have owned many Fords, the oldest being a 1928 Roadster and the newest being a part of 2015 Petty Mustangs. I have restored many to original specifications and I have also built many into “hot rods” or “street rods”. I have been collecting old Ford parts, mostly 1957’s, ever since my first Ford in 1964, so I have more than one large building containing a huge volume of parts. Along with the parts, I have many years of “know how” knowledge on Fords from 1928 to around 1970  stored in my memory bank. My collection of old Fords consists  mostly of 1957 Ford E code cars, the cars Ford manufactured with two four barrel carburetors. I do have a couple 1934 Fords, one five window coupe and one half ton pickup truck. We drive 1959 Ford 4X4 pickup trucks year round and the 1957 and 1934 Fords more in the summer when the salt is off the roads up here in Wisconsin. We have driven 2 of our E code 57’s to the west coast and back twice and another from coast to coast and up through Canada for a round trip of close to 7000 miles, so we do drive our Fords. With this web sight, we are hoping to help others with the same interests find parts for their old Fords and also to answer questions others may have on restoring or modifying their older Fords, mostly 57’s. My wife says I do not forget a thing ! ha ha ha ! So, with over 50 years of driving, racing and building the 1957’s, we hope to be of help to all interested party’s.

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